Dave Warne and his daughter Elle co-founded Just Skate Pads with a mission to promote wearing proper safety gear when skateboarding, roller skating, or pursuing other roller sports.

We are skaters and wear what we recommend. We only offer what we believe to be the best in safety gear including helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and writs guards. Our goal is to make it easy for you to make the best protection purchase.

Let us help you or your loved ones get properly protected with the best safety gear before hitting the streets and parks.

“For over 3 decades, Dave Warne has been a positive attribute to skateboarding. Whether he is coaching youth on how to progress in their abilities or giving experienced advice, Dave cares deeply about the well-being of today’s up and coming skaters.”

Eric Uquillas aka “Spock”
Founder of Spocks Skate Camps
We love sharing our passion for skateboarding with the next generation.
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Dave Warne

Dave has been skateboarding for over 35 years and rarely a day goes by where he doesn’t skate. He enjoys sharing his passion as a volunteer skate coach and has instructed hundreds of young kids over the years. When Dave is not skating he likes to spend time with his family creating epic memories.

“I believe wearing proper safety gear including skate pads and helmet helped me avoid serious injuries and has allowed me to be able to continue to skate at a high level into my 50’s.”

Elle Warne

Elle is a savvy 11 year old entrepreneur with an interest in digital media. She has been skateboarding for 5 years and competes in events across the country. When Elle’s not skating she likes to hike in the mountains and go camping with her family. Follow Elle on YouTube


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