Skate Pads For At-Risk Children

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We need your help! We want your used skate pads.

We realize there are children that would benefit from the positive aspects of skating, however, they may not have the means to purchase safety equipment. One of our goals is to create a conduit to help.

On January 1st, 2021, we are officially kicking off our “Skate Pad Exchange Campaign”. Our goal is to collect, clean, refurbish and distribute skate pads to at-risk children. We will be partnering with other industry non-profit organizations to distribute the safety equipment in coordination with their existing outreach programs.

Please send your used pads to:

Just Skate Pads 

1414 Perry Avenue

Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Thank you so much for your consideration of this worthy endeavor.

Do I need to purchase pads from Just Skate Pads to participate in the exchange?

No. You do not need to buy pads from us to participate in the Skate Pad Exchange program.

Will Just Skate Pads pay for shipping? 

No. We hope in the future we can underwrite the shipping cost to us, but for now, we are asking you to cover this expense. 

Will my donation qualify for a tax deduction?

Just Skate Pads a 501(c)(3) has not yet received its non-profit charter. Please consult your tax advisor.

Skip The Big Box Retailers

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The market is flooded with super low quality skate pads sold at the big box retailers such as Walmart, Target, Dicks, and Kohls. Make no mistake, these are toy pads and will offer little in protection from injury. We find that these pads are actually very dangerous to skate with.

We recommend spending just a few more dollars for a high quality junior skate pad set from 187 Killer Pads®. This is the pad set we sell and recommend for kids ages 4-8 and for youth. Your loved ones will have way more fun skating when they are properly protected. 

For an important purchase, such as skate safety equipment, skip the big box retailers.

Why 187 Killer Pads®

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Skating is a risk sport that requires proper safety equipment in order to mitigate injury and maximize your enjoyment. 187 Killer Pads® is the brand trusted by more than 80% of all professional skaters with team riders that include Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Brighton Zeuner, and Lizzie Armanto. The pros wear 187 Killer Pads® “Pro Pads” because they are hands down the highest quality protective pads available. 

The 187 Killer Pads® Pro Pad shell is made of ultra durable ballistic nylon fabric and each seam is reinforced with double stitched industrial thread. The pad system itself is made of high-density foam, which provides superior protection from even the most aggressive impact. We recommend 187 Killer Pads® Pro knee and elbow pads for all intermediate, advanced, and aspiring pro skaters. 

187 Killer Pads® makes a scaled down version of its Pro Pad series in kids, youth, and adult sizes. The pads come in a value pack that includes knee, elbow, and wrist guards. This is the pad set we recommend for all beginner skaters. 

Why are we in the skate pad business?

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I love skateboarding and sharing my passion especially with kids. As a life-long skater, I have spent countless hours volunteering my time at skate camps and meetups mentoring young skaters. When my daughter Elle was 7 years old she started skateboarding. Together, we went to our local skate shops to get her setup with safety equipment. The experience left a lot to be desired.

I have always supported my local skate shops so naturally this was where we went first. Unfortunately, we left empty handed and ended up going online to get the quality pads I was looking for.

The following sums up our experience:

  • The selection was limited 
  • The quality of the “name brands” has diminished over the years
  • No kids and limited youth sizes

So, we got in the skate pad business to service our local community and others online.

At Just Skate Pads, you wont need to sort through the numerous look alike brands and confusing sizing charts. We are official dealers of the best – 187 Killer pads and Triple 8 & S1 helmets specializing in kids and youth sizes.

We would like to serve you with your skate pad and helmet purchase.