Youth Helmet – Triple 8 Sweatsaver


This Triple 8 Sweatsaver™ Helmet comes in a variety of colors all in an innovative rubber finish. The helmet is engineered for both safety and comfort. Two-factor protection is provided by the ABS Outer Shell and the 360 degree wrap around Sweatsaver™ padded liner. The Sweatsaver™ liner is made of a patented system consisting of an antimicrobial “stink-free” foam covered in a moisture-wicking terry cloth fabric.

We recommend this helmet for roller sports including: skateboarding, roller skating, roller derby, in-line skating, and scootering.

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This helmet features:

  • Multi-impact design
  • ABS outer shell provides impact resistance and structural strength. 
  • Antimicrobial “stink-fee”, moisture-wicking Sweatsaver™ Liner 
  • Adjustable straps to keep helmet properly secured in place
  • Ideal for skateboarding, roller skating, roller derby, in-line skating, and scootering.
  • Not for bicycle use


WARNING:  This helmet does NOT comply with the U.S. CPSC safety standard for bicycle helmets for persons age 5 years and older and therefore can NOT be shipped to customers under 18 years old in California.

THIS PRODUCT IS NON-CERTIFIED. This product has NOT been tested under ASTM, CPSC, ANSI, or CE safety standards. This product should NOT be used for any activity other than the sport for which it was designed. This product is NOT intended for use as a bicycle helmet. This product is NOT designed to provide protection for use on any motorized vehicle. In certain


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