Skate Pads For At-Risk Children

Skate Pad Exchange

We need your help! We want your used skate pads.

We are starting an new program aimed at children that would benefit from the positive aspects of skating, however, they do not have the means to purchase safety equipment.

On January 1st, 2021, we are officially kicking off our “Skate Pad Exchange”. Our goal is to collect, clean, refurbish and distribute skate pads to at-risk children who would like to learn how to skate. We will be partnering with other industry non-profit organizations to distribute the safety equipment in coordination with their existing outreach programs.

Please send used pads to:

Just Skate Pads
Skate Pad Exchange
1414 Perry Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

We thank you in advance for your participation in the Skate Pad Exchange program.


Dave & Elle

Just Skate Pads

Do I need to purchase pads from Just Skate Pads to participate in the exchange?

No. You do not need to buy pads from us to participate in the Skate Pad Exchange program.

Will Just Skate Pads pay for shipping? 

No. We hope in the future we can underwrite the shipping cost to us, but for now, we are asking you to cover this expense. 

Will my donation qualify for a tax deduction?

Just Skate Pads a 501(c)(3) has not yet received its non-profit charter. Please consult your tax advisor.