Why are we in the skate pad business?

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I love skateboarding and sharing my passion especially with kids. As a life-ling skater, I have spent countless hours volunteering my time at skate camps and meetups mentoring young skaters. When my daughter Elle was 7 years old she started skateboarding. Together, we went to our local skate shops to get her setup with safety equipment. The experience left a lot to be desired.

I have always supported my local skate shops so naturally this was where we went first. Unfortunately, we left empty handed and ended up going online to get the quality pads I was looking for.

The following sums up our experience:

  • The selection was limited 
  • The quality of the “name brands” has diminished over the years
  • No kids and limited youth sizes

But, this was the final kicker – when I referred parents of young skaters from our local skate camps, where I am a volunteer skate coach, and the parents returned empty handed and otherwise unimpressed with the service, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

So, we got in the skate pad business to service our local community and others online.

At Just Skate Pads, you wont need to sort through the numerous look alike brands and confusing sizing charts. We are official dealers of the best – 187 Killer pads and Triple 8 & S1 helmets specializing in kids and youth sizes.

We would like to serve you with your skate pad and helmet purchase.

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